My Favorite Podcasts (lately)

Y'all. Life lately has been just a bit chaotic lately. There isn't enough time in my day to really watch TV (shocker, I'm catching up on my shows via DVR), except really Doctor Who. Nor is there enough time to really read books, save for the ones I have on pregnancy and infant care. 

Really, keeping myself entertained has not been any challenge, because there is always something to do. BUT. I like to stay informed and enjoy some fun entertainment when I do have downtime. For that I have lots of articles saved in Zite, for sure, but for the drives home? 


It's podcasts. 

My commute can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. For most podcasts I enjoy, it's one podcast to work, and one home. Others? Take one full round-trip to complete. It all just depends on what I'm feeling.

Of course, if you are a long-time follower, you know my tastes run a bit scattered in most things. Granted, I'm narrowing down my personal style to be a little more than "is this comfortable?" But in general I like a good mix of things.

My taste in podcasts really isn't much different. Here are just a few of the ones I have in rotation in my car right now (and sometimes, while cooking dinner).

  1. Elise Gets Crafty. This is a weekly podcast hosted by Elise of and the founder of Get to Work Book. She interviews lots of fun guests every week and talks a lot about crafting, small business, entrepreneurship, and staying motivated. I love her light, fun way of going over each topic, and have learned quite a bit from her podcasts, including details about marketing myself, and possibly even starting a weekly email. 
  2. The Nerdist. Hosted by the hilarious Chris Hardwick, this is by far one of my favorites. He has talked with all sorts of celebrities throughout his time hosting this fun and nerdy podcast, and the episodes? Are almost never under an hour. My favorite eps include when he had on Patrick Stewart as well as Sir Paul McCartney. Their conversations run from the odd, to the informative to the totally inane, and they never fail to make me laugh. This is a good podcast for you if you like things nerdy, inane, or just a little quirky.
  3. This American Life. I like this one for its informative nature, and how in-depth it goes on the stories it shares. The reporters are thorough and the stories are often ones you won't hear on every day news shows, or even on the radio.

Those are just a few of my favorites. I have others, but these are consistently in rotation in my car, while I'm cooking dinner, or even just hanging around the house. They're a little quirky, a little fun, and all are very informative. 


Sunday night we were lucky enough to be able to see the supermoon eclipse. Well, most of it. We ended up with too much cloud cover to catch the blood moon, but what we saw? Incredible.


It was pretty awesome. The last eclipse we really got to witness was a partial solar eclipse when we visited Dallas almost a year ago. We ended up in our hotel room for that one, making a pinhole viewer, and that was all kinds of awesome. 

For this lunar eclipse it was so many ways of awesome. It was intense and gorgeous, despite of the cloud cover. And while I've not yet gotten all the pictures off of the camera, this is just one of the back of the camera shots I was able to snap while we watched the eclipse from the back yard.

It's pretty awesome. 

Random Rambles


Lately the 100 days of blogging has been behind the blog work. Brainstorming posts. Working on pictures for future posts. And combating some wicked nausea. Which is why I've been silent online (mostly), and writing up a storm offline.

So I'm trying, but trust me when I say I am still committed to this project, but the past couple days required analog blogging, and those posts will be coming to a screen near you soon!

Tonight it's all about the ramble. My breakfast lately is pretty much pictured above. Whole grain waffles with apricot preserves and coffee with cream. When it's not that it's frosted mini wheats with a banana and milk. Both fill me up, and both get me and the baby moving in the morning. This past weekend I ate breakfast in the yard while writing and listening to Nerdist podcasts, which made for some lovely mornings.

I also decided to join up with work's fantasy football league this year. Which means that me, who knows nothing about football, is trying to play fantasy football. And it's interesting. I lost my first two games, but provided nobody messes up too much tonight, stand to blow this week's game out of the water. Random, but totally true. And I'm kind of loving it. A lot.

So coming up soon: I'm one of the LAST people on the face of the planet to learn Polyvore. But I am working on a fun post about what I'm wearing at 22 weeks pregnant. Spoiler alert: I tried to wear pre-pregnancy shorts the other day. I couldn't get them to go up. So I've basically graduated into my larger pants and maternity clothes for the duration, and my sense of style pregnant is only slightly different than it was not pregnant.

I'm also working on a post about the podcasts I've been listening to, which is a hodge-podge. Quite literally! I have craft podcasts and nerd podcasts and other fun podcasts. So that's on the agenda. I listen to podcasts mostly when I'm stuck in traffic. Like today, when a 30 minute drive took me 53 minutes. Traffic, guys. It's the worst.

BUT. I'm off to bed. Or to watch The Daily Show, now featuring Trevor Noah. I'm looking forward to this change. 

See ya soon!

Simple Saturday

Today was one of those simple sorts of Saturdays. Cloudy and cool, and just laid-back. My day began with toast and coffee in the backyard and ended with ice cream and Doctor Who, with a relaxed afternoon in the middle. 


We were able to pick out the paint color for Little Man's room today and Allen hopes to get the nursery painted tomorrow while I run errands. I'm desperate for another pair of jeans that fits the bump, and I have some volunteering to do, among other things. 

Today we also picked out the scrapbook I'll be using to help document the baby's first year of life. I plan to do Project Life for his scrapbook, using the Baby Boy edition, and decided today that for portability and ease of layout his album will be a 6 by 8 one. I'm already plotting how I'll put it all together!

But. Its bedtime. I'll be back tomorrow with more!